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Mar 24, 2017

5 Simple Strategies To Take Care Of Your Employees

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We’ve all worked for a company that’s just killed job performance, enthusiasm, passion and motivation. It’s soul crushing! If you haven’t, well done you are a rare find!  You don’t have to look far on Glassdoor to see how employees are taking action by speaking up and providing transparency on company culture.

There is a perception that great company culture and attracting the right talent requires fat paycheques, endless vacation days, and low expectations.  This isn’t true. A thriving company culture and mindset focused on taking care of employees starts with a solid commitment from the leadership team. If you build it, they will come and stay.

Here are our top tips on how to take care of your employees.

  1. Leadership alignment

It’s all well and good to say you want to take better care of your employees, but putting it into place is a lot harder. All members of the leadership team need to be actively committed and have clearly defined goals around fostering and contributing to this initiative.

  1. Clearly define an employer brand

Your employer brand and external brand must be aligned, it will only dilute brand awareness if they are contradictory.

Align your brand’s unique selling proposition or competitive advantage to the reasons why people want to work for your company.  Clearly communicate the culture that you want for your company, a strong employee value proposition should be created here.


Brand USP - Your company creates disruptive innovative technology and markets specifically to early adopters

Employer brand – Cutting edge projects, on trend consumable products, break out rooms for creative brainstorming, innovation and entrepreneurship are the key values most rewarded

  1. Measure where you are now

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Create an employee survey to gain full transparency into your current workplace culture.

Employees love transparency, it allows them to feel safe and that they can rely on your word. Before implementing a new program, why not ask your employees what new initiatives and benefits are most important to them.

  1. Map your journey to success

Once you have a clear understanding of your current culture, and defined your employer brand start mapping out your journey.

Ensure you break up the journey into achievable goals, and measure along the way.

  1. Run regular surveys

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Conduct yearly survey’s to ensure your employer brand is on target and attracting the right talent.

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