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Sep 21, 2021

Eduard Pamintuan, Filipino Field Employee, Gains Permanent Position at Maycroft

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Stellar sits down with Eduard Pamintuan to unpack his experience with Stellar and his perspective career growth with Maycroft. Eduard's future at Maycroft's in New Zealand looks bright - we can't wait to follow his journey and see where Maycroft's takes him. Onward and upward from here!

What did you enjoy about working with Stellar Recruitment?

I really enjoyed working with Stellar as a field staff worker, they make sure that they look after their employees well - not just their well-being but also their safety. If I need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) my consultant makes sure I receive it, additionally, if I request a pay rise when it is due, my consultant ensures it is granted.

My Stellar consultant is attentive and always checks in on me and fellow Filipino staff in a manner that makes me feel comfortable to express my feelings.

What did you like about your consultant?

Sir Mike is a very approachable consultant, he is one of the reasons that I stayed and enjoyed working with Stellar. He always makes sure that I am well taken care of, and he grants requests when needed so workers do not need to transfer out.

He always goes the extra mile.

When we first moved into our home he visited to check on how we were doing and brought some take out to share. He also visits us on our work site from time to time to bring PPE and make sure that we are working in a safe environment.

Would you recommend Stellar Recruitment to your peers?

Absolutely yes!

Stellar is an outstanding company, not just because of the referral fee, but due to my experience, I can trust Stellar to treat my peers very well.

How has Stellar influenced your time in New Zealand?

Compared to working between Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, my personal and career growth has excelled significantly here in New Zealand under Stellar. Stellar has enabled me to broaden my knowledge, improve my skills, and thus increase the quality of work I produce. 

How does being offered a permanent position with Maycroft affect your life in New Zealand?

There are great benefits that come along with gaining a permanent position, I will know more in due time. I am hopeful that everything will proceed smoothly and I look forward to learning more from here on.

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Author: Danielle Loader