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Jan 12, 2021

Hot Job Market for New Zealand Tradies

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“There has never been a more in-demand time for civil and building tradies across New Zealand,” says Wade Cornelius, Manager, Construction at Stellar Recruitment.

“If you are looking for a change in job 2021, there are opportunities across the entire country. As we know, there has never been a year like 2020; it has created perfect conditions for job seekers across all qualified trades. Extremely hot in demand tradie positions include Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians and Machinery Operators”, Mr Cornelius comments.


“All regions have their tradie shortage challenges with the hottest spots being Dunedin, Queenstown, Wellington and the golden triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. Qualified tradies who are looking for a job are in the driving seat and the biggest mistake that job seekers make is not asking the right questions to ensure they maximise the candidate driven market”, says Mr Cornelius.


He highlights that employers are offering more incentives to qualified tradies more than ever before to secure people they need to keep their projects to on time and budget. “New Zealand employers are offering strong wages and relocation packages that are becoming pretty much standard in this current climate,’ Mr Cornelius adds.


“To help with the COVID economic recovery, the government has released stimulus packages and this coupled with border restrictions has compounded the situation, making it a job seeker driven market. Finding good people has never been harder.”


To help combat the shortage, the government has released more apprenticeship programmes that are incentivising both employee and employer but this is a long term solution and doesn’t help with the immediate need. “Kiwis who are wanting to start their career as a qualified tradie, can contact people like us, or reaching out to Industry Training Organisations and the Ministry of Social Development that have some industry integration programmes” advises Mr Cornelius.


“If there was one piece of advice that I can give qualified tradies who are looking for their next job, it’s to contact recruitment experts like us to ensure that they are able to canvas job opportunities across New Zealand let us do the work to get the best package,” recommends Mr Cornelius.


If you are a tradie, looking for a change in 2021, APPLY here: https://info.stellarrecruitment.com/tradie-magazine

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