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Jan 31, 2019

High Performance Psychology - Simple Tips to Increase Your Performance & Capacity Today



Image: Jonah Oliver, Sports Psychologist

Shaun McCambridge is the Managing Director of Stellar Recruitment, a devoted husband and father to four spritely children. Shaun created the Inspirational Leaders series to inspire emerging leaders and to shine a light on what it takes to be an inspirational leader.

This podcast features Jonah Oliver, performance psychologist to The Essendon Football Club, Brisbane Roar A-League, Tennis Australia, The Queensland Institute of Sport and Golf Australia. Jonah currently consults in mentorship of leaders within the business world as well as many athletes and has acted as a high-performance specialist in several sporting organisations around the world. Jonah combines his deep understanding of neuroscience and sports psychology to deliver a unique, simple and effective approach to facilitating peak performance.

Using an Executive as an example; someone with a lot of pressure, both internal and external how do you help them build that capacity to perform despite adversity? “Those that thrive in life often find ways of connecting to a greater purpose, and this comes from understanding your values. If I asked all of your listeners to take their shoes off and walk across some broken glass, you aren’t going to see a lot of interest. But what if I told you at the end of it I guarantee everyone you love will have a rich, fulfilling life and all your hopes and dreams will come true – people start lining up.” 

“This shows that if we connect to something of great meaning, we’ll endure great hardship. If I’ve got a leader who really struggles having those crucial conversations, say they get stuck with anxiety or a bit of fear or whatever it is, it’s not about making them more confident or having more self-belief – that just doesn’t work. It’s about increasing their connection to the purpose of ‘why?’ Is it in the service of something with meaning? And if it is you are much more willing for this discomfort to show up.”

 Jonah has a wealth of experience in inspiring the best performance from people across the highest levels. If you’re interested in understanding peak-performance mindset and how to apply adaptable concepts in your own life, then listen to Jonah’s podcast.





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