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May 29, 2020

Now is a great time to do a staff survey


Check ins toIf we are finding that flexible working is both more productive and more desirable then how does that impact our thinking about the future of work? Last week I surveyed the JobAdder team to get a feel for how we were going with working from home. It was a quick survey designed to get a pulse on the business and to start planning what the future of working at Jobdder looks like. The results have led to a complete rethink about what work looks like post-COVID-19.


Katie and I have developed the May Stellar Snap, as I am sure you will all agree the novelty of WFH has definitely lost its shine.


The purpose of this survey is to gauge wellbeing, understand WFH challenges, offer support and get feedback.


Following this survey I will take a look at the data and propose a shorter more regular survey to gauge wellbeing and drill down on any common themes.


Let me know if you have any major objections  (see below draft comms with link to the survey)



Hi Team


For most of us we have now entered month two of working from home, some of us juggling home schooling and others flying solo.


The May Stellar Snap is focused on your wellbeing,  the survey is designed to gauge how you are feeling and how we can best support you.


We all know that from day to day things can change, so we will be inviting you to participate in weekly wellbeing check-in surveys to get your feedback.

1.       How do you think you are reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic? Optional answers: Used to it now, no issues, anxious/nervous, feeling disconnected, trouble relaxing

2.       Do you have any suggestions for how Stellar can help you deal with Covid-19 related stress?

3.       How are you feeling about returning to the office when the time comes ? Looking forward to it, nervous, uncertain, am enjoying the ability to WFH

4.       Do you have any suggestions for how Stellar can help you transition back to work when that time comes?  

5.       How would you describe how you are feeling with your Stellar team since WFH? – more connected, no change, disconnected

6.       Do you think you could benefit from group discussions about how people are managing to stay connected, happy and motivated during this time of Covid-19?

7.       Is there any further support or resources you would like whilst working from home?

8.       What do you miss about working in the office?

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Author: Nicole Picone