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Apr 17, 2019

Mental Fitness is the Next Wave of Fitness



My journey and experience with mental fitness

Since the age of 20 I’ve become fascinated about getting my mind to work for me vs against me. I can honestly say at 20 my mindset wasn’t necessarily an asset for me but one day at Otago University I decided I wanted this to change for the better. Since that moment I’ve read books, listened to podcasts, attended courses and spoken with so many amazing people on this journey to work out how to develop my mindset to a more productive one. In doing so I’ve been super inquisitive about creating processes, practices and habits that make this so. What I’ve come to realise is that everyone has had their challenges with mindset, resilience and mental fitness however via self-discovery and a commitment to learning we all can develop mindsets that facilitate growth, happiness and fulfilment.

Normalising the process of developing your mental fitness

One of the best evolutions in the past few years is that the stigma around people saying that they are open, willing and keen to develop their mental fitness and skills is dissipating and becoming normalised. It was once seen as being “weak” to say that you were keen to improve your mental strength or skills. From sports people to executives and entrepreneurs to parents and partners and many others we are now increasingly OK with being more authentic/ vulnerable about our desire to improve, develop, and grow our mental skills and fitness.

Mental fitness is becoming an equally important priority as physical fitness

With the above in mind and the fitness movement now well in motion I believe that people will increasingly invest in mental fitness as an equally important dimension to complement our physical fitness. This will extend from kids and schools to individuals and organisations and in doing so will unlock a lot of potential and frankly in my opinion create better lives and create more fulfilment and success not to mention the all-important happiness. Be it mindfulness, mental skills coach’s, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), biographies and podcasts on people who have worked themselves out and sharing this further to many other means the new wave of fitness has arrived. Like all forms of fitness not everyone will embrace but I sense it will become much more normal and available for those who do.

Podcast series - “Debunking your growth mindset”

This is the genesis of our new Stellar Recruitment podcast series “Debunking your Growth Mindset” where we will seek to speak to guests that have achieved growth and success via adopting and utilising a growth mindset. By unpacking these learnings we hope that others will gain access to this knowledge to in turn utilise themselves. I for one am looking forward to this new wave of fitness as a parent, husband, colleague, individual, friend, family member and MD.

Referrals/ feedback welcome

I would love to hear from anyone who can share anything on the above as I’m always keen to interview people on my podcast that have a great story, listen to new podcasts, read new books or simply chat to others on this subject as it’s something that I’m very passionate about.

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