Jun 15, 2017

3 simple steps to a successful career change

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3 Simple Steps to a Successful Career Change

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Did you know that 57% of people in Australia have made a career change? You’re probably thinking, how did they do it and what strategies did they use? You’ve come to the right place. Below we provide you with a proven framework from top recruiters. They share their simple steps in how to make a career change successfully.


1. Start with "WHY"

Ask yourself why you want to change your career? You should have a clear idea in your mind of what you want to achieve and then set goals. Start with setting a series of short and long-term goals. Use your imagination, where do you want to be in one-three-five years from now? Once you know where you want to be it’s easy to come up with a strategy on how to get there.  

One of your goals could be getting a dream job in construction in one year, so start with acquiring the skills or knowledge you need to land your next job now. Seek professional advice, for example contact trusted recruitment agency in your local area that can provide you with a good career advice and a career growth strategy.

2. Self-assesment

A good place to start is with a self-assessment understanding your weaknesses, strengths, past work experience and what you want from your career in the nearest future. Find some time to think about what fulfils you and makes you happy.

Your starting point when thinking of changing your career is to think about the following questions:

  • What is really important in a career?
  • What motivates and inspires you?

  • What do you naturally love doing and are good at?

  • Most importantly, what will make you happy?

3. Network

Start networking with people who are working in the industry or role you would like to move into. What do you know about the industry you would like to switch to? Before making a decision, it is worth having a series of conversations with people in that field. Ask them what they like and don’t like in their current roles and what skills you should obtain to get ahead in your career. 

Changing careers can be challenging, but it could also be one of the best decisions you will make. If you would like a professional advice from one of our specialist recruiters, simply email or call us on.

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