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May 31, 2019




Image: Caro-Lena Wallace



Digital technology and automation is disrupting the mining industry, but did you know that the drive for gender diversity is also transforming the traditional approach to this male-dominated workforce?


With global mining houses paving the way by setting ambitious goals to reach a level of equality across their operations, statistics still show only 16.7% of females in 2018 make up the mining workforce (according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency).


As a mining recruitment specialist I understand who is best suited for particular roles within the industry and over the past five years I’ve never come across a female tyre fitter, until I met Caro-Lena Wallace. Caro-Lena will be kick-starting her mining career as a trainee tyre-fitter at a large open-cut coal mine site in Central Queensland.


Caro-Lena comes from an agricultural background, working in the macadamia and farming industry as a General Farm Hand in Bundaberg. Caro-Lena’s acquired skill-set will help her succeed in her mining career. She is also no stranger to working a 12 hour shift or a 7 day week. Caro-Lena’s motivation to work within the mining industry can be attributed to growing up with her father and brother involved in this type of work.


“Within my farm positions I’ve often found myself to be the sole female operator/labourer and as such I’ve always found some sort of pressure to prove myself. For many of my male counterparts it is still quite often a novelty to find someone such as myself in my position on the farm, and I feel this shows that this industry in particular still has a long way to go in incorporating women into the workforce, in positions outside of the processing sheds. With that being said, I really enjoy working in a male dominated workforce as I feel it pushes me to produce  higher quality work and to branch out and give everything a go. This enables me to feel a certain sense of pride in myself, and has earned the respect of the majority of my male counterparts.”


Multiple mining companies have been leading the movement for increasing diversity and equal employment opportunities within the resources sector. Caro-Lena is very fortunate of the opportunity provided by Stellar to take the next step in her career. She is excited to commence her new traineeship with a company that gives all employees a fair go and promotes gender equality.  


A diverse workplace will promote a collaborative and open-minded workforce where both men and women can excel and drive business goals and initiatives forward. Caro-Lena is a great success story in removing the unconscious bias from the recruitment process as her key drivers, motivations and goals were recognised as the best fit for the position. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her career develop as a tyre fitter.  


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