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Apr 13, 2017

Inspirational Leaders – Tristan White

This podcast features Tristan White, CEO and Founder, The Physio Co. He changed career direction from high performance sporting physiotherapy to aged care physio, and hasn’t looked back since. The Physio Co has been voted BRW Best Place to Work 7 years in a row.

“After year five we set out a vision to do something significant and that is to deliver two million consultations to seniors in Australia, and to become one of Australia’s best places to work. But I can’t say in year one that I had that vision. It is something I fumbled through and then put this vision in place.”

– Tristan White

This podcasts explores the steps Tristan White went through to take his company from heading in one direction, to completely pivot and be rated in 2014 as BRW’s Best Place to Work in 2014.

Enjoy hearing from one of Australia’s best leaders in culture – truly inspiring!


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