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Apr 13, 2017

6 digital tools to boost your productivity

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With more than 2.2 million mobile apps in the Apple App Store in January 2017, it is hard to find which ones will make you more productive. Never fear, we have compiled a shortlist of apps that are guaranteed to save you time.

You won’t forget a thing

Google Keep and Evernote are great digital tools that will remember everything for you. They let you capture, nurture and share your ideas across different devices, take notes, set reminders and record videos.

Prioritise work-life-balance

These apps allow you to ‘concentrate on concentrating’ and are being used by many athletes. Rescue Time runs in the background of your computer and measures how you spend your time when you are online, so you can make better decisions and stay focussed by cutting out distractions. Another useful app is Get Concentrating which allows you to focus on important tasks by temporarily blocking social media sites.

Save important stuff to view later

Get Pocket allows you to put articles, videos or pretty much anything into a virtual pocket. You can save directly from all your social media platforms and view on your phone, tablet or computer. It is an amazing option for people that see something they want to read or view but don’t have the time at that present moment to consume.

Team communication for the 21st century

Slack is a great tool that is revolutionising the way your team communicates. It organises team conversations in different channels that can be made for a department, project or even a topic. The best feature of Slack is that you can connect all your tools in one place, get all your notifications directly with Slack, share and search all your files in a few simple steps as the app is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox.

The small details matter when it comes to building relationships

The essence of business success lies in the right connections, networking and building strong relationships with people. Humin is an app that organises phone contacts by how you know them. The app hooks into your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and combines them with your calendar and email to provide you context to all those people listed on your phone for a better way to manage relationships.

Outsource your home chores

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