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Apr 13, 2017

5 tips to get a job in digital marketing

Do you love all things digital and technology? Spend countless hours on social media, digital forums, TEDtalks, podcasts – the list is literally endless!

It’s a freaking EXCITING time to be in marketing! Let’s face it, we are more connected and can easily build our tribe and attract like minded people in today’s world.

Know your digital platforms

Are you across all the popular and not so popular digital platforms? There are well over 800 digital marketing platforms that exist today. Almost every platform has a direct competitor, however what some people don’t understand is that not all platforms are consumed the same way. So different strategies and tactics need to be implemented.

Would we engage with an employer via Facebook or Instagram? Compared to - would you engage with a community group that attracts like minded people on Instagram or Facebook? YES! Two different strategies however one will be more successful than the other.

Get experience

If you are finding it hard landing a job after your studies, why not join Fiverr and offer your services for a reduced price to gain experience. Not only that, you might meet your potential employer on this platform.

Start an internship whether that’s in-house for a corporate organisation, not-for-profit, or small to medium creative agency. The options are endless and the work is out there if you know where to look. Marketing department are always flat out delivering on campaign deadlines, therefore, you will find that they normally have a stockpile of projects on the backburner and tasks that just never get done.

Are you interested in an internship or getting some work experience with Stellar? Email us your CV with your top 10 creative reasons why you want to work for us.

Build a portfolio

Take screenshots, photos and write a brief report from all the work you have done to date. You will never know when or how it will come in handy. It could be the difference between you and the next candidate.

Being in the digital world you should have a compelling LinkedIn profile which you can attach examples of your work. Having a online portfolio if you are a developer, design or UX expert.

Create an engaging CV

Don’t go unnoticed! What will make you stand out from everyone else? Have a look around LinkedIn for common terminology. There are many resume writing companies to help you present yourself in the best light, you can even buy templates from Fiverr or Pinterest. The options are endless here.

If you want to see what it takes to craft a great CV read our top 3 resume writing tips article

Networking, networking, networking

Have you heard of MeetUp? If you haven’t you need to explore this platform and start watching for any digital marketing events. There are plenty in every major city so start looking out for free events so you can network and meet new people.

The more you network, the more you are building your personal brand. And we all know how personal branding pays off. 

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