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Mar 7, 2017

Top 6 Tips In How To Win Your Dream Job

What does your dream job look like? Leading a multi-billion dollar business, dog washing, caring for the elderly, innovating new technology, travel journalist, or mummy-blogger.

No matter the path you choose taking actionable steps towards securing your dream job is key.

Here are our top six tips:

  1. Determine your dream job

Seems simple doesn’t it? Most people go their whole life not knowing what will make them happy. They jump from job to job, have no career plans, and their key motivating factors are to make more money.

Here is a checklist you should work through:

  • What makes you the happiest in life? E.g. going to the beach, being outdoors, weight lifting, or giving back to the local community.
  • What skills are you really good at? E.g. colour coding and organizing, creating killer excel formulas, planning events.
  • What does your ideal workday look like?
  • Evaluate your past work experience, what did you like the most?

Once you have identified what your dream job is, half the battle is won.

  1. Start researching your new dream job

Download podcasts, read books and blogs, and watch vlogs. Do as much research as you possibly can, the more you know the better equipped you are with the knowledge and understanding of your new industry.

It will also help you to identify what area or specialties you would like to focus on.

  1. Gain a qualification

If you are wanting to transition into an industry you haven’t ventured into before ensure you enroll to gain a qualification. But only if your industry requires a qualification. Network as much as possible when you are studying as this will help you to create industry partnerships and you never know where these may lead.

  1. Source a mentor

If you want to get serious and take your opportunity of snagging your dream job up a notch, source a mentor. They will push you outside your comfort zone, keep you accountable, provide valuable industry knowledge, stimulate your professional growth, help you to celebrate and be proud of your achievements, and potentially help you gain your next work assignment.

So, how do you go about finding a Mentor? You can reach out to people in the industry you idealise, ask your current network of friends, local universities, and industry and governing bodies.

  1. Become a volunteer

Now you need some industry experience but how can you do that without experience. It always seems daunting starting out, or getting knocked back because you have ‘no experience’.

We suggest you volunteer your time at no cost. Whether that’s applying for an internship, calling up a company you want to work for or reaching out to your network or mentor to identify some opportunities.

  1. Seek professional advice on crafting the best application

There are many resume and job application companies out there that can offer you their services. Make sure if you do decide to go down that path you do your research, there are some great services but also not so great. Ensure you use a service that specalises in your desired field.

Our advice would be to call your trusted recruiter that can help you craft the perfect application.  But first you should read our blog on top resume writing tips

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