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Apr 4, 2016

Where I choose to spend my time, money and why Stellar Home exists

I'm a father of 4 young kids, a shareholder and team member of a couple of businesses, I like to stay fit & active and I'm also a husband. I have never been busier and consequently my wife and I have chosen to outsource parts of our life in a bid to create more time for what we deem important. On Tuesday's for example we get a babysitter to look after the kids for a couple of hours whilst we play tennis and then have a beer, a burger and a chat. We do this because it's easy to get stuck in Groundhog Day where we spend little or no time on us, Tuesday's are our opportunity to go back to where it all began prior to kids and stay connected. Having a young family is great however it also places pressure on relationships and couples suffer and often grow apart as a result. My way of thinking is spending money to create more (by outsourcing parts of our life) time is a proactive measure and much healthier and cheaper than a divorce which statistically is where half of all marriages end up. My wife and I see it as a conscious choice to spend our money and time this way and further to babysitting we also utilise other home services which allows us to spend more quality time with the kids, catch up with friends and make time for the likes of date nights.

Why did we start Stellar Home?

The dynamic above was the catalyst as to why we started Stellar Home. Life is getting busier and we believe that the most valuable asset anyone has is "time" so we wanted to create a platform that provides these services at the push of a button. The previous method of outsourcing home services was a very fragmented one based on word of mouth referrals or google searches in the hope you get a good service provider not to mention plenty of trips to the ATM to pay in cash as well as plenty of annoying BPay payments. We saw this as a very inefficient market place and our solution was to aggregate home services and offer simple easy payments in an “uber” like fashion. We want to make these services more accessible coupled with wanting to create opportunities for our home services professionals. Whilst we have started with two services we have a clear intent to grow the services we offer and with this ensure there is a constant supply of trusted professionals to help busy people create more time for relationships, health or whatever is important to them.

How we think everyone wins

I have spoken to countless Uber drivers about what their view is on the platform and they consistently say that the flexibility to work when they want is so much better than working fixed hours and to that end they feel less stressed, much happier and often earn more than what they did previously. At a deeper level I believe that we all want flexibility to work when we want Vs being instructed on when we start and finish. This new work paradigm allows for making kids sporting events and other important happenings in our life made possible by the ability to clock on and off at your discretion. We want to offer our professionals the opportunity to work when it suits them and offer earning flexibility around their lifestyles. In addition to our customers and our home services professionals we want to create a community that helps people less fortunate by way of supporting charities by offering funding and other support via our users and us as a business. We are looking to close out our charity partner sometime soon which we are excited about contributing to their impactful organisation. Wrapping all of this up is our view that in serving the customer, supply professionals and charities we call this our "Win, Win, Win" philosophy.

Innovation mindset

Lastly I believe in innovation and finding a better way so I love that we are part of the new innovation wave sweeping the world and this is now being embraced so well by Australia and New Zealand. We are learning daily about what it's like to develop a technology platform and we have a passionate Stellar Home team focused on growing the business to help our customers create more time, create opportunities for our professionals and also give back to needy causes. I don’t believe there is an industry out there that can’t afford to consider innovation and technology as part of how there business looks like in the future.

By Shaun McCambridge, Managing Director, Stellar Recruitment

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