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Nov 12, 2019

Changing Lives - 20,000 and Beyond

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Changing Lives - 20,000 and Beyond


Today we celebrate a major milestone in the Stellar Recruitment Journey - helping over 20,000 people embark on life changing career opportunities. Together, we want to celebrate this amazing milestone with you and thank those who have supported us throughout the journey.

When Shaun & Robbie started Stellar in 2006, they wanted to offer the highest level of customer service to both our clients and customers while inspiring growth and changing lives. Being part of the recruitment industry, we are privileged to be able to positively impact people and we want to celebrate these special moments as a team.

It is the individual stories throughout this journey of 20,000 people who in turn have left their own mark on our lives; creating ever lasting impressions, such as first ever placement as a recruiter or celebrating your team successes as a support member, that stay with us and inspire us to be the best we can be, and offer the absolute highest level of service.

It is because of every single team member, client and candidate that we have been able to impact over 20,000 people’s lives before our target of 2020. We are excited about the journey ahead; 20,000 and beyond.

As a movement towards acknowledging the 20,000 lives we have changed, we have collected a selection of stories of the candidates who have moved us over our time, and will begin sharing those with you over the coming weeks.

Thanks to all our loyal customers, candidates and employees for your support.





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