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Aug 22, 2019

Mining Recruitment Australia


Stellar Recruitment prides itself on it’s enormous mining recruitment sector which makes up a bulk of our business. Blessed with the resources Australia has, mining has become a huge part of our nation’s economy. We are leading exporters globally and have had mining booms creating jobs and wealth around the country. We place highly skilled individuals into a variety of roles surrounding the mining industry from administrative work to heavy machinery operators for years and are an experienced recruitment agency.

If you live in Australia, you already know how big the mining industry is. The success and wealth of the industry is truly staggering, Australia is a globally leading mineral resources nation. We’re the largest producer of gems, industrial diamonds and lead. We also export impressive amounts of copper, silver, gold, coal and nickel. With new reserves continuing to be discovered, the future of the mining industry is looking bright with no signs of the well drying anytime soon. This is great news for the Australian economy as it’s expected this coming financial year mining will contribute $250 Billion to the Australian GDP, with coal exports alone being worth an estimated $61 Billion. With continued success, the industry will remain stable and Stellar can continue to place skilled individuals into a variety of roles.

The mining industry in Australia isn’t just strong, it’s reliable. Thousands of students around the country study engineering with the promise of a good salary and stable job in the mining industry. A mining engineer can expect an average salary of $118, 000 per year. You don’t necessarily need a degree to enter the mining industry, there are plenty of jobs that don’t require a level of higher education but still boast a modest salary. The average salary for an entry level miner in Australia is $66, 000 per year and a heavy equipment operator can expect $87, 000 per year.

With how successful it has become; the mining industry has become competitive with a variety of candidates on tap to fill roles. Here are some specific skills you can use to set yourself apart from the pack:


  • Technologically Adept

Modern day mining is based around using heavy equipment and maintaining them, so there is now a large digital aspect surrounding the industry. Being able to keep up with the advances the industry makes gives you a higher chance of survivability. The industry looks as though it’s headed towards automated machinery, trucks that don’t need operators and therefore lunchbreaks. Keeping up with changes as they come and keeping your technological skillset fresh will give you a leg up on the competition. Don’t shy away from technological advances, embrace them and stay relevant, you’ll be able to make yourself indispensable to your company and they won’t have to retrain a new employee.


  • Become Familiar with the Environment

Mining work typically requires a fly in fly out schedule where you’ll split your time between working on site and spending time home and taking time off. The worksite will still be your home away from home and knowing your environment/workplace is an underrated skill. Being comfortable where you are, having confidence in surroundings and knowing how things work can put your mind at ease and allow you to deliver a better performance. Be friendly and try to enjoy your workplace, it’ll make the job a lot easier.


  • Stay in shape

Whether you’re working a manual labor job or working in an office, keeping fit and healthy has its benefits no matter what. If your body is under the daily stress of manual labor, keeping it in a good condition, eating right and getting sleep will make your life much easier. If you’re working a white-collar job it’s going to let you think clearer, you’ll feel better and you’re going to be more productive all round. Taking care of yourself should always be your first priority, at the end of the day you are your own biggest investment.


At Stellar, mining is the biggest source of our recruitment and makes up a bulk of our business. We recruit for both white collar and blue-collar jobs that require a variety of different levels of skill and education. We also recruit junior and senior roles such as:


Blue Collar

  • Machine operators (Dump trucks, loaders, diggers etc.)
  • Fitters
  • Servicemen

White Collar

  • Superintendents
  • C.E’s
  • Management
  • Senior Engineers


Since 2006 Stellar Recruitment has maintained a level of performance that has allowed us to retain our first customer from that year. Mining recruitment in Australia is a competitive industry that sees Stellar reap the benefits of having the best candidates and the best team filling those roles. We’ve placed over 3.5 Million hours of employment across Australia and New Zealand in cities such as Brisbane, Wellington and Auckland. Over 98% of our business is repeat and we hope we can include you in that.


If you are a candidate looking for your next role or a business looking for the right employee, our mining specialists are here to help you. Please contact the team below for a confidential discussion on how we can best meet your career objectives or business needs.


Mining Recruitment Team

P: 07 3009 9600

E: production@stellarrecruitment.com.au

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