Nov 14, 2019

Christine's Story - Senior Manager, Construction

Christine's Story - Senior Manager, Construction

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Christine's Story is brought to you by Andrew Farley

Manager for Mining, Contruction & Engineering

The person's name and likeness have been changed for privacy reasons

Tell us about this person and how you originally came across them?

Christine was working at a Brisbane tier 1 company. I had heard about her through my engineering contacts and when a client presented me with a role, while market mapping I knew that she would be the right fit.

She is a high performer who is busy delivering and I knew that I needed to ensure that this was the right opportunity for her. Being honest and transparent is key, so I got straight to the point and had her interest and most importantly trust. 

We met face to face and I was very impressed with the way she presented herself, the energy she carried and the passion for the industry. She also came prepared with some questions for me, which was great. There was some initial aspects of the role that I discussed with the client for consideration.

What was it that stood out about this candidate to you?

It wasn't just one thing; it was about how she carried herself across presentation, knowledge, technical ability, passion as well as the desire to challenge herself.

Were there any unique challenges with this candidate?

WIth very senior roles the challenge is being straight to the point with no frills; its about putting the facts on the line. I needed to make sure that I had as much information about her background and knew the market. You have to have the relevant information because you’ve got a maximum of 5 minutes to tell them about the opportunity.

When someone isn't proactively looking to change you have a small window. Its about getting the facts and the information right to align with what they want going forward with their career. That involves having a good relationship with the client too; to be able to explain their profile or the candidate's needs to the client, and the client being able to cater for their needs too.

As a consultant, what did you take away most from this experience?

I really like working energetic people who are high achievers. I love the challenge of finding out what they want and are passionate about what they’re doing.

Do you feel you were able to impact them positively in the experience? Was there anything they did that left an impact on you?

The thing I really liked about her was her involvement outside of her role, she was involved in several different boards, all across industry. She was giving back to the younger generation with her knowledge, and she was also involved in committees and boards outside of engineering; she was overall an impressive person.

How did our work as a recruiter change the life of the candidate?

I think I assisted in changing the direction of her life, but I think she’s driven enough to know where she wants to go, I just assisted the process of getting to her next step. I believe people with that sort of passion and drive and want for self-development know where they are going. Driven and generally busy people need to be presented with the right options at the right time and then guiding them to the next step in their career.

Where are they now? Have you had contact or followed their progress since?

She’s still where I placed her, and she is shooting the lights out there and going well. I touch base with her every 2-3 months and she always comes back to me even though she’s very busy. She will be a weapon in this industry and I really look forward to seeing her grow.


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