Mike's Story - Mining Engineer

Nov 25, 2019

Mike's Story - Mining Engineer


Mike's Story is brought to you by Lucas Eyers

Business Manager, Mining Operations

The person's name and likeness have been changed for privacy reasons

Tell us about this person and how you originally came across them?

"Mike is a Mining Engineer that I originally headed hunted. He was working for a gold mining company in the Philippines and was looking to move out to Australia."

What was it that stood out about this candidate to you?

"He had worked under Australian expats so his English was good and he was really outgoing; we knew straight away that he would fit into Australian life and that there was no issue with language. He had worked under Australians for around 6 years and he had a sense of character. - He really was a rare find."

Were there any unique challenges with this candidate?

"It was a 9 month process from start to finish. The client hadn’t sponsored anyone under the new visa pathways since they transferred from the 457 to the new visa.

He was keen to wait though, and we had to do a lot more work to get it across the line but in the end the client was happy because he was a really good fit."

As a consultant, what did you take away most from this experience?

"Something like that is a game changer, anyone who comes out here, especially from the Philippines it's approximately triple his salary and if he spends 4 years here he becomes a permanent resident. His partner is an engineer as well and she’s now coming out here as well."

Do you feel you were able to impact them positively in the experience? Was there anything they did that left an impact on you?

"He was communicating all the time and when I did his references, one of them was a guy I’d placed as well so all the stars kind of aligned. I knew he was a good performer, and I keep in contact with him and he’s referred a couple of engineers to me."

How did our work as a recruiter change the life of the candidate?

I think I assisted in changing the direction of her life, but I think she’s driven enough to know where she wants to go, I just assisted the process of getting to her next step. I believe people with that sort of passion and drive and want for self-development know where they are going. Driven and generally busy people need to be presented with the right options at the right time and then guiding them to the next step in their career.

Where are they now? Have you had contact or followed their progress since?

"I genuinely like helping people out, and it was a bit warm and fuzzy getting him out here and that he’s enjoying the role. If it wasn’t for a recruiter, he wouldn’t have got here, and that is the bottom line.

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