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Jun 28, 2018

Podcast - CEO, General Manager & National Sales Manager of PlantMiner


Image: Plant Miner’s Michael Trusler, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Benjamin Somerville, National Sales Manager, and Dan Wilson, General Manager  with Shaun McCambridge, Managing Director of Stellar Recruitment

Shaun McCambridge is the Managing Director of Stellar Recruitment, a devoted husband and father to four spritely children. Shaun created the Inspirational Leaders series to inspire emerging leaders and to shine a light on what it takes to be an inspirational leader.

This podcast features PlantMiner’s Michael Trusler, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Dan Wilson, General Manager, and Benjamin Somerville, National Sales Manager. PlantMiner is an Australian tech start-up success story and is now Australia’s largest and most successful construction marketplace. The trio’s passion is not only to create a company that is remembered for changing the construction industry but also for the success of their team.

“We have a great culture and we hire for that culture; we train our staff well and reward our staff, [as well as] make them passionate about wanting to work for us” - Dan Wilson
“We want to build a software and organisation that changes the construction and infrastructure industry in Australia and across the world” - Michael Trusler
“[Know] who your customer is, [find out] exactly what your customer wants and built that product” - Michael Trusler

This podcast explores PlantMiner’s journey to date in how it has become a game changer in the construction and infrastructure sector.

Listen to the podcast here:

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Michael Trusler



Benjamin Somerville

Dan Wilson

Nudgee College

Australia construction industry


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Hiring good people

Employee autonomy

Capital raising

Seed funding



Return on investment

Workplace culture


Global construction sector

Importance of promoting within

Max Clarke

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