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Sep 27, 2017

3 strategies to get a job in agriculture

You don’t have to look far to see how rich New Zealand is in Agriculture!

Agriculture, forestry and the food sectors generate nearly two thirds of the New Zealand export earnings and employ 11% of our total workforce. These sectors generate more than 44.6% of the total overseas trade and forecast earnings from these sectors are to rise 17% by 2019.

Skilled workers are highly regarded and in need especially in supervisory and management roles across the agricultural heavy diesel, food production and irrigation sectors.

Here are our top strategies on how to land a job in agriculture from our recruitment consultants:


Talking to people who are currently working in agriculture can be very helpful to gain insights into how to get there.

Have you thought of attending different local events or meetups? For example, you can check out events and meetups on 10 Times, Fielddays or any other local community events.

Get experience or a qualification

Many Universities, PolyTechnics and Independent Groups offer programs specifically designed for agriculture and almost all have courses in biology, chemistry, and other agricultural science or mechanical fields. By getting your degree or trade qualification, you’ll qualify for more advanced positions in the agricultural world.

Start with identifying what kinds of agriculture-related jobs are out there? General agricultural jobs that Stellar recruit for fall into the following categories:

  • Agricultural Heavy Diesel Mechanics
  • Agricultural Service Managers (Equipment)
  • Branch Managers (Agricultural Equipment)
  • Parts Interpreters/Managers (Agricultural Equipment)
  • Sales Representatives (Agricultural Equipment)
  • Sales and Design Engineers (Agricultural Irrigation)
  • Engineers and Pump Fitters (Agricultural Irrigation)
  • Maintenance Fitters/ Engineers and Electricians (Primary Industry Production – Wood Products and Meat Production)
  • Maintenance/ Electrical Managers (Wood Products & Meat Productions)
  • Operations Managers (Wood Production and Meat Production)

Sometimes it can be challenging to place candidates who don’t have any experience. However, some of our apprentice programs could be a great starting point to get relevant experience in regional locations

Contact specialised recruitment agency  

Contact a trusted recruitment company specialising in agriculture and primary recruitment, so that they can provide you with a tailored advice and insights into the trends in New Zealand agriculture industry.

We have operated and specialised in the Agriculture and Primary Recruitment sector since the company's inception in 2006. Stellar provides candidates for some of Agriculture’s well-known brands.


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