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Jan 4, 2018

A Family Mining Story

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James Brodie is a permanent Haul Truck Operator at Jellinbah Mine. James’s story is a great demonstration of Stellar Recruitment and Jellinbah’s commitment to people by providing a long-term life changing career opportunity that aligns the values of both the job seeker and company.

At Stellar Recruitment, our team are driven by the desire to align the right companies with the right job seekers; these pairings not only empower both parties but also contribute to building a family orientated mining community. James started as a Stellar contractor who is now a long-term team member of the Jellinbah site.

A recruitment company that you can trust

Stellar Recruitment successfully placed James as a contract position with the longer-term view that he would be an amazing permanent team member at Jellinbah. “…the face to face interview with Jellinbah was great. We did a pit tour and it gave me a much better understanding of the site and really made me want to work here.”

Communication was the key that enabled Stellar to become a trusted career partner with James. We understand that without the right support, being out on site can be challenging and frustrating. “…I loved that I had one person to speak to and I knew that...I have never had that with any other company before.”

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Enhanced workplace culture with a focus on team longevity

Aligning a job seeker’s values with a company’s values is vital in creating a sustainable working partnership. One of James’s priorities was finding a workplace that focused on creating and maintaining a positive culture. “The culture is something that I haven’t ever seen before. You can say anything about safety or production and your opinion counts.”

Jellinbah promotes a positive workplace culture where everyone is treated equal and teamwork is encouraged. “Our crew organise trips in our time off, every two to four months we will go fishing or golfing together. Our next one is next week; we are going golfing for 2 days.”

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Inspiring growth

Stellar is proud to partner with a company such as Jellinbah, as it genuinely invests in their team. This support further enhances and contributes to their team’s career; this type of career support mirrors Stellar’s own core purpose; inspiring growth and changing lives.

“They up-skill, if there is availability, and you have the previous training or want to learn something they will get you on that gear to train you.”

Creating a community

The mining community around Blackwater are committed to truly creating an inclusive, supportive and family orientated environment. “Everyone is so engaging and social and has a great sense of community. There is great banter with everyone here. We are all mates in and outside of work.”

“It is very family orientated here. I was allowed to bring my family out for the day (wife and 2 kids). My little boy got to come in the truck with me and it was the best seeing him get so excited and the truck bump around and get loaded. It was really easy to organise. My supervisor was so helpful in organising this. I loved seeing the family in hi-vis.”

Safety that really means safety

Safety is a must in the mining industry and is always a communicated as a priority of companies; however, unfortunately it is not always reflected in the day to day operation of a mine site. At Jellinbah’s mine site safety is really emphasised.

“They have an excellent safety record out here. The machines are kept well….it is an expectation of site but we all willingly take on that responsibility. As well as this maintenance is really quick to respond to request. I can say something today and tomorrow when I get in it is done.”  

Communication is key

“Stellar’s greatest success is having one point of contact. Dealing with Stellar was excellent. Nothing was ever an issue and you were always contactable. I never had any pay issues or camp issues.”

We are proud to be able to align great companies with great job seekers. We have provided James with a life-changing career opportunity and enabled Jellinbah to grow as a company.

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Author: Nicole Picone