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Aug 16, 2019

Accounting Recruitment Services


Accounting Recruitment Services fall under the Corporate Services Recruitment banner and is something we specialise in here at Stellar. Accounting Services are essential for any company, they usually comprise of services across all areas from payroll and finance to accounts and business support. It is their prerogative to ensure the finances are in order and keep things running as smoothly as possible from their end. From entry level accounting jobs to graduate accounting jobs, they all play a major role and are important to the company because of the services they provide.

But what are accounting services? What do they do for the company and why is it so essential? One of the main concerns for accounting services is record keeping and financial transactions. Payroll management is also one of their many jobs, making sure employees are paid on time, they’ll also take care of accounts payable (the company’s debts), accounts receivable (money owed to the company) and bank reconciliation (what money is and isn’t available to the company). Accounting services will also take care of a company’s taxes which can be a huge task as well as forecast a company’s financial future and provide analytics.

The accounting industry as a whole is in a good place in Australia. The unemployment rate for accountants is average to low and job openings are projected to grow in the coming years. The average salary for an accountant in Australia is $56, 000 per year at $27 per hour, however there is a lot of room for growth in accounting careers leading to important roles and higher salaries. In New Zealand the average salary for an accountant is slightly lower at $54, 000 per year at $25 per hour.

When looking to fill a role in accounting services, recruiters will be looking for specific skill that set candidates apart form each other. These skills include:

  • Education or Certification

4 out of 5 accountants that are hired have a university degree or at least some kind of higher learning. Candidates are typically expected to have a CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) qualification, which is seen as a standard of competence in the field.

  • Good with Technology

In today’s world you can work at offices that are entirely paperless which means technology proficiency is an invaluable skill. You can set yourself apart from the pack by excelling at this aspect. By becoming skilled in programs such as MS Excel and developing a broader understanding of what accounting software exists in the marketplace.

  • Workplace Synergy

When hired, it is expected for an accountant to be able to slide into their role, fit into a new team, work well with co-workers and work unsupervised. It can’t be understated the importance of a good working environment and your ability to fit in and work effectively with an organisations culture will be critical. It is important to assess these elements of a business when applying for work.

  • Account Management or Executive Skills

While not all accounting roles are client facing, it is becoming more and more common that accounting and finance professionals will become key in delivering outcomes and financial reporting to clients and as such, developing a good base of client services/interpersonal skills will serve you well in your role.

There are also a variety of roles that comprise accounting services. Here at Stellar we mostly recruit for senior roles but also place a number of junior accountants in mining businesses that need them on site at increased salaries. Some of the roles most often recruited for are:

  • Treasury manager
  • Senior accountants
  • Senior compliance
  • Management accountants
  • Senior finance managers
  • Audit and intelligence managers

Stellar Recruitment has a wealth of expertise in accounting services recruitment and corporate services recruitment. We have placed entry level accounting jobs, graduate accounting jobs as well as senior accounting jobs in a variety of places such as Auckland, Wellington, Western Australia and Brisbane. We’ve helped thousands find their perfect role and we’ve placed over 3.5 Million hours of employment. Our first client from 2006 is still with us and 98% of our business is repeat.

If you are a candidate looking for your next role or a business looking for the right employee, our finance and accounting specialist is here to help you. Please contact the team below for a confidential discussion on how we can best meet your career objectives or business needs.



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