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Aug 16, 2019

Administrative Recruitment Services

Admin Recruitment helps make up Stellar’s exceptional Corporate Services Recruitment banner. Administrative services are essential to any office, not to be confused with management, it is up to them to make sure the office continues to run efficiently by taking care of logistical issues such as policies and supplies. It is essential that they have good communication skills as interacting with employees and management is a vital part of their job.

Administrative roles are based around streamlining the office and making things work as efficiently as possible. They make sure the company can continue to function by taking care of all the responsibilities surrounding them. Tasks during their day may include handling expenses, implementing processes, managing calendars, communicating to all facets of the business, meetings, reports and general office organization. They quietly make sure the office can continue to function. Their responsibilities cannot be understated and having good people in these roles is vital. This is why good admin recruitment agencies, like Stellar, are so vital.

Admin roles are available throughout Australia and New Zealand and is a reliable industry with modest income expectations. It has a relatively normal unemployment rate and the average role requirements is a bachelor’s degree. The average salary for an office administrator in Australia is around $50, 000 per year. In New Zealand the average salary for the same role is around $45, 000 per year.

Administrative assistants need to be a jack of all trades. With such a wide variety of tasks popping up every day, here are some specific skills to help put you ahead of the competition when going for a role:

  • Adaptability

When you have to take on such a wide variety of tasks, it’s rare if you ever have two days that are the same. If you can stay ahead of the work and be flexible enough to turn out whatever is required of that day’s task, you’ll make yourself indispensable to your organization. A good admin officer means a good work environment.

  • Tech Savvy

No matter what industry you work in today, you’re going to run into some kind of digital aspect to the job. In admin roles you’ll have tasks centered around organization, paying accounts and using databases, this will require going digital. Being able to competently attack any facet of your job taking place on a computer will give you a leg up on those who can’t.

  • Management

While they aren’t a manager, working as an admin requires you to manage a lot of moving parts all at once, those moving parts just aren’t necessarily people. Being able to keep yourself and your environment organized will make life easier for everyone involved, arguably making this the most important skill.

Not all admin roles are admin officers or assistants. At Stellar Recruitment we fill a variety of roles in a variety of industries, from mining to corporate. We fill both junior and senior roles and put emphasis on finding the perfect fit. Here are some of the roles we recruit for:

  • General Admin
  • Receptionist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Technical Writers

Stellar excels at corporate services recruitment and our admin recruitment makes up an integral part of that. We place senior and entry level admin jobs throughout both Australia and New Zealand providing both career and location flexibility. We’ve been able to contribute 3.5 million hours of placed employment, helping thousands find their ideal role. 98% of our business is repeat and our first client from 2006 is still with us today over a decade later.

If you are a candidate looking for your next role or a business looking for the right employee, our admin recruitment specialists are here to help you. Please contact our team below for a confidential discussion on how we can best meet your career objectives or business needs.



Georgia Mackie

P: +61 7 3009 9637

E: georgia.m@stellarrecruitment.com.au




Seonaid MacDonald

P: +64 9 969 1027

E: seonaid.m@stellarrecruitment.co.nz



Hannah Trengrouse

P: +64 22 313 9800

E: hannah.t@stellarrecruitment.co.nz

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