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Aug 30, 2016

Stellar Visits Mongolia & Hong Kong

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Stellar Recruitment has a history working on major international projects covering Asia, Africa and the Americas outside of our core business regions of Australia and New Zealand. Recently we had the opportunity to venture to Mongolia and into Hong Kong to visit some clients and witness firsthand some of the key projects we are involved in. The trip saw Managing Director – Shaun McCambridge, General Manager Australia – Paul Gardner, and Senior Consultant – Trent Clulow set off for a week covering the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, the Oyu Tolgoi mine site in the Gobi Desert, and Hong Kong Central.

If you’re interested in getting an understanding of what it may be like to live and work in Mongolia or Hong Kong, please feel free to get in touch with Trent Clulow for more information.

Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar is a growing city that holds western privilege alongside it’s traditional customs. Set in a valley with rolling hills in it’s surrounds, the city is home to the classy Shangri-La and Blue Sky Hotels among many other hotels that wouldn’t seem out of place in urban Australia. One obvious facet of the Mongolian culture was their exceptional customer service.  The people were always looking to help, holding an extremely friendly demeanour without any public heckling that’s witnessed in some parts of SE Asia.

There are areas such as Zaisan on the city’s outskirts that form hubs where expatriates reside and are growing areas of investment with new retail and eating precincts. This investment is largely underpinned by investment from the resources sector with gold, copper and coal assets scattered in the Mongolian desert and countryside. Mongolia’s access to China and the broader Asian export market make it a desirable logistical location however the industry has gone through a challenging political environment but is showing signs of a positive resurgence.


The Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper operation, located in the Gobi Desert one hour south by air from Ulaanbaatar is owned by Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi LLC (representing the Mongolian government) and Turquoise Hill Resources, which is majority owned by Rio Tinto. The sheer remoteness of the site has created the need to establish a mini-city, with quality camp facilities, first-class gyms, typical mess areas, plus a pizza shop and a bar. It is currently experiencing a ramp-up phase due to the announcement of the $5bn Phase Two underground expansion announced out of Rio Tinto London earlier this year.  Like most mega projects across Asia, expatriates are key proponents to the success of projects.  The Oyu Tolgoi team are driving an obvious theme of leaving a legacy at the site – working towards developing and training Mongolian nationals to ultimately take ownership of the operation directly and in quick time where possible. The ultimate success of the individual lies in the ability to replace themselves with a competent national and the collaboration between cultures to ultimately attain this target was fantastic. If this sort of project and culture appeals to suitably qualified professionals with experience in base metals projects, keep an eye out for contracts and advertisements related to the project.  Stellar is pleased to be involved in what is one of the largest resources sector projects currently being delivered globally.


On the return trip back to Brisbane, we took the opportunity to visit a number of clients in the consistently busy Hong Kong infrastructure market. HK Central is abuzz with development – bridges, tunnels, new high rises, commercial buildings, health and educational precincts and marine projects are within reach of every corner.  For select senior appointments, there is a need for key expatriate appointments across the major projects being delivered.  On-going MTR projects, plus a wave of education projects are next to absorb talent in HK, with Stellar remaining involved in a select number of these projects across key positions.

For more information about international job opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with Trent Clulow for more information. Keep an eye on Stellar’s website and social media channels for more opportunities.

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