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Jan 29, 2018

The future of Artificial Intelligence: 3 ways it will impact our lives

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We live in an exciting era where the new emerging technologies like VR, AR and AI are shaping the world by offering immersive digital experience and creating more opportunities.

AR, VR and AI are the next big thing in the tech world; but what will that future really look like, and how will it change our everyday lives?


  1. One of the most transformative changes that you can see coming is the mobility network. Everything is going to be able to move around the world autonomously and we will be able to see many different services running this network. For instance, there is a big demand for warehousing systems to fulfil larger quantities of orders. Robotics will play a big part in optimising this space using the network and AI, with an increase in machines able to work 24/7.


  1. Automated transportation can deliver great benefits such as improved safety, more efficient and productive transport networks as well as more livable environments. For example, Google has begun testing a self-driving car as well as the Audio A8 that already has a self-driving feature much like the Tesla. 


  1. Robots as friends…would you like to have a robot friend like C-3PO? Now it is possible. The company in Japan introduced a robot, called“Pepper”, in 2014 who can understand emotions, develop emotions and moreover be friends with humans. If you are ready to buy a new robot friend, you should do it now as they are being sold out within a minute in the US market.

Would you like to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence technology will transform our lives in 2018 and beyond?

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