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Sep 13, 2017

3 secrets to better employee retention

Our rentention rate at Stellar has been, Stellar! Most of our employees that started when we opened our doors are still with us today. How is that possible? At the core we focus on inspired growth, be that in our employees, business, candidates and clients. We are always growing and evolving as a business and provide a supportive framework for our staff to grow and evolve also. We believe in investing in our people and have seen some serious transformations over the years.

Here are our top three secrets in motivating and retaining great employees!

Reward and recognise

Reward your employees for their attitude and performance, not their skills. They can easily learn skills with the right attitude and great performance strike rate as well as a “WILL” to learn. Employees should be celebrated, rewarded, recognised and appreciated, that’s critical to our retention success.

Monetary rewards, commissions and other bonuses are all important things, but appreciating and recognising your employees will yield the best results for your company. Start celebrating your achievements together and implementing recognition programs. We celebrate a Stellar Champion every month, based on this person living and breathing our company values.

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Denise Kaitu, Team Leader 


Create opportunities


Give your employees an opportunity to build a career not just a job. Show them where they are now and all the opportunities they have in front of them to get where they want to be. Give them a clear outline on the path to success, and constantly align their projects and tasks back to this path. This will create accountability, passion and determination in your staff.  

Most importantly is to inspire your employees to be the best they can be. We’re transparent about our career and personal bucket list items and the business supports staff when striving for these goals.

We challenge our employees by understanding what they want to improve on and help guide and support them in achieving these goals. Some staff are nervous about public speaking, but know that in order to be a great leader you need to be a confident public speaker – no matter the audience. We will always try and provide internal opportunities for staff to help improve and grow no matter the goal.  


Believe, inspire and provide a feedback


survey on employee satisfaction found that 43% of those identified as “highly engaged” attributed engagement to receiving feedback on a weekly basis. The key takeaway would be – share feedback with your employees on a regular basis. Even better thank them for their constant contribution!

You might think of performance reviews are a way of providing feedback. Yes, you are right, but what could be more motivating for your employees then receiving constant, specific, and clearly defined feedback? Usage of positive feedback about an accomplishment is essential when motivating and inspiring staff.


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