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Aug 9, 2017

4 simple strategies to get a mining job in Australia

The growth in the mining sector continues to be an ongoing trend for the industry in 2017. Reportedly, the industry has the largest mining job advertisement growth according to recruitment portal, SEEK.

A surge in coal prices and new mining projects have brought renewed confidence and hundreds of additional mining jobs to Australia. For instance, coal mining jobs are up to 9% to 22,000 and job growth forecast to improve further which is positive to diversify the Australian economy.

Employment in the mining sector has grown over the past five years in about 80% of Australia’s regions as well as it remains higher now than before the mining boom. According to SEEK, mining, resources and energy remains the highest paid industry and the average advertised annual salary is $115, 000AUD.

Have you been working in the mining industry or wanting to join the mining industry? Here are our top 4 simple strategies from our mining recruitment consultants on how to get a job in mining:

Have qualifications and/or experience

Most companies are looking for people with a good cultural fit and attitude. Apart from that, experience and qualification play a significant role for employers. To assess your eligibility, start with asking the following questions:

This one of the biggest challenges most people face trying to get into the mining industry. For example, for personnel who work on earth moving equipment (excavators, shovels, drills, dozers, haul trucks, graders, water carts, service carts etc.) one of the following criteria must be met to be able to work onsite without restriction:

  1. Hold a certificate of proficiency in:
  2. Mobile Plant Technology
  3. Plant Mechanic
  4. Engineering (Mechanical Trade) Diesel Fitting
  5. Hold a Mechanical certificate of proficiency with evidence of competence.

There is several RTO (Registered Training Organisation) out there that can assist you with re-skilling or even testing you for RPL’s of modules you may be missing.


Talking to people who are currently working on mine sites can be very helpful to gain insights into how to get there. Have you thought of attending different local events or meetups?

For example, you can check out events and meetups on Meetup, Brisbane Mining Club, MiningNews.net or any other local community events.

Get experience

Sometimes it can be challenging to place candidates who don’t have any experience. However, it could be a great starting point to get relevant experience in regional locations. You can consider relocating to one of the regional mining centres such as Kalgoorlie, the Hunter Valley or Bowen Basin to grasp such opportunities, rather than trying to get a FIFO position from a capital city.

The other great way to start your mining career is to join a trainee program, by simply sending us your Resume to production@stellarworkforce.com.au.

Contact specialised recruitment agency  

Contact a trusted recruitment company specialising in mining, so that they can provide you with a tailored advice and insights into the trends in Australian mining industry. We have operated and specialised in the Mining Recruitment sector since the company's inception in 2006. We provide candidates for numerous mining roles from technical and management positions to mining maintenance and production staff.

We have partnered with the world’s largest mining and contracting companies and have undertaken global recruitment assignments for technical and managerial positions and bulk recruitment campaigns for both blue collar and white collar positions.


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