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May 21, 2018

A good to great recruiter

Do you know what other opportunities are out there?

Does your job align with your career aspirations?

Are you earning the market rate?

Partnering with a recruitment consultant enables you to know the answers to these important questions and more. Recruiters are career coaches that you should be able to trust and they should be adding value to your career; if not, find another.

Your talent paired with our Industry Knowledge & Network

A good recruiter will take the time to interview you to gain an understanding of your past experiences, strengths and career motivations.

But a great recruiter will pitch you to companies that they believe match your experience and skill set that also gives you access to un-advertised jobs. This is when a recruiter truly understands what their network of employers’ current and future operational goals; it is this strategic partnership building that opens up a world of possibilities before anyone else has access to them. It is important that you partner with a recruitment company that you can trust, if it is Stellar or another specialist company.

More than a Job Placement but a long-term Career Partnership

A good recruiter understands both the job seeker and employer’s needs to ensure that a true match is found; they also take into account not only the experience and skills required but what your career aspirations are, the type of work culture that is ideal for you to succeed and the make-up of the team. All of these aspects heavily impact how long you will stay there.

But a great recruiter knows what will be needed in the future. This enables them to advise on future skill requirements and really starts to map out your career path.

It is time to take control of your career and our consultants are driven by a genuine desire to provide job seekers with unique, life-changing career opportunities.

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Author: Emily