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Aug 16, 2019

HR Recruiting Services


Any good business leader will stress the importance of finding, hiring and maintaining good personnel. The engine of your company is your staff and the success of the business is dependent on the success of the individuals. Stellar offers HR Recruiting Services to help you find the employees that best fit your organisation. Falling under our Corporate Services Recruitment banner, we take great pride in our ability to find the best professionals there are and specifically tailor our searches to your business.  

Human Resources is vital in any organisation as they are responsible for the hiring and maintaining of your staff. Their responsibilities also include employer/employee relations, training, team building and communicating to the workforce. More senior HR roles also entail management responsibilities and are quite important roles. An HR manager is almost like the coach and employees are the team, they’re keeping them fit so they can continue to perform at their absolute best. If you want a good team, hire a good coach.

In Australia there are approximately 64, 000 HR Professionals currently employed, and the industry has an average unemployment rate. To work in the profession a high degree of skill and training is required, so for those qualified the industry is relatively safe and has strong projected growth. The salary for a junior position, such as an HR Officer’s salary, is $57, 000 on average in Australia. A Senior HR Manager has an average salary of $122, 000 in Australia, so there’s room for growth industry for an HR professional. In New Zealand the average salary for an HR officer is $50, 000 and the average salary for a Senior HR Manager is $121, 000.

To work in HR, a high degree of knowledge and education is already expected, here are some tips on what employers have highlighted as key skills they look for:

  • Effective Communication

This is arguably the most important skill an HR professional needs in their repertoire as their job is largely based around communication. In order to effectively maintain employees and hire the right candidates they need to be able to effectively communicate and understand their clients and their needs. Both written and oral communication is important as they’ll deal with both in their regular day.

  • Organisation Skills

Any good coach will be systematic in their training of their team, following strict plans and keeping them on schedule. An HR professional needs to be able utilise their time as effectively as possible, operating between the employees and management throughout the day, it’s important to be able to stay on top of your responsibilities and remembering what’s going on with who and where, throughout the company you work for.

  • Flexibility

Being able to adapt to your work environment is necessary in any industry you work in, but HR professionals are responsible for that working environment. HR professionals need to be able to perceive the workplace culture and adapt policies, being able to coach employees is paramount and should not have a one size fits all approach.

An average HR department will require a variety of roles, all of which fall under Stellar's Corporate Services Recruitment banner, some the HR Services Jobs we fill include:


  • Performance management
  • Employee relations specialist
  • Industrial relations specialist
  • HR Admin
  • HR coordinator/officer
  • HR Advisor
  • Senior HR Advisor
  • HR Manager


Stellar has an exceptional Corporate Services Recruitment team and regularly find HR Services Jobs for our clients and fill roles for businesses. Most of the HR services jobs we fill are generalist and can be both permanent and temporary contracts. We operate in both Australia and New Zealand and have contributed over 3.5 million hours of employment. Our first client from 2006 is still with us and over 98% of our business is repeat.

If you are an HR professional or a business looking to fill an HR position Stellar can help you find the right fit. Please contact the team below for a confidential discussion on how we can best meet your career objectives or business needs.



Clarissa Wiederkehr

P: 07 3009 9606

E: clarissa.w@stellarrecruitment.com.au




Kymberly Tupai

P: +64 9 394 1171

E: kymberly.t@stellarrecruitment.co.nz



Hannah Trengrouse

P: _64 22 313 9800

E: hannah.t@stellarrecruitment.co.nz


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