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May 24, 2017

5 Tips to Motivate Your Construction Employees

The Construction industry is tight, one wrong move from an employer and everyone in the industry knows about it. Having a great reputation is the key to attracting the right employees, however building a good culture and maintaining it when management are already spread thinly can be a challenge.

We have over 10 years in construction recruitment and helping clients attracting the right talent is our specialty. Here are our top 5 tips for motivating, attracting and retaining high-performers.

1. Define your company culture and convey this in the interview process

When attracting new talent ensure you are attracting the right candidates for longevity, this will ensure your retention rate is sustainable.

If your company is renowned for always celebrating project success by rewarding staff that deliver on-time and on-budget this is a huge draw card. There is a big difference in saying it and actually doing, so don’t convey something that you don’t or can’t deliver on.

Your culture can be used as a draw card, so figure out what makes you different and how you incentivise and reward staff.

2. Promote team building exercises

Team building exercises can be in small activities undertaken at a Friday BBQ, tool-box meeting, quarterly or yearly events. The importance of these is to not only grow a team but to break down any silos or assumptions about fellow team mates.

In addition, tool-box meetings are a great way of conveying what the plan is for the day, week, any challenges faced and to highlight wins. You can also incorporate a quick team building exercise into these, having a new person hosting the tool-box from notes provided by the Foreman.

The importance here is to show the team they work better together, than individually.

3. Create a community environment

Rally support around new recruits and team members you feel need improvement. All staff members should feel connected to a greater cause, not just part of a project that will yield revenue. 

You spend so much of your time at work each day, it’s important in sharing successes on site and the expert knowledge that other team members bring to the party.

4. Don't over promise and under deliver

It’s pretty straight forward, if you say your company stands of something ensure you carry through with it. However if you can’t live up to the promise clear and transparent communication is the key to all staff.

However, staff will understand if you need to make budget cuts to incentives if you are facing hardship and the business clearly communicates the reasons why.

5. Give high-performers the chance to share their enthusiasm 

High performers, we all wish our team was full of them however it isn’t reality. That’s what makes up a diverse team. You can help motivate staff by empowering high performers to share their success stories, or help mentor other staff.

This could be at a tool-box meeting, end of project wrap up reviews, then list is endless. 


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